Criei este blog para mostrar meus trabalhos e também postar imagens relacionadas a design, arquitetura, moda e arte.
Espero que gostem!

Manu Reyes

I created this blog to share my work and also images i like related to design, architecture, fashion and art. Hope you enjoy!

Manu Reyes

*para entrar em contato comigo só enviar um email no: manupreyes@gmail.com
*to contact me you can send an email to: manupreyes@gmail.com


4 Responses to About

  1. Gaby says:

    Nice blog!
    Greetings from Venezuela

  2. Hi Manu,
    the way you put together things is inspiring me a lot. While I’m listening to the second B’52’s album I enjoy the look of your site. May you will have a look at my recent work that I’m proud to present.
    I would be happy hearing from you
    Greatings from Ffm, Markus

  3. Hi Markus,
    I was very happy with ur msg and i really enjoyed your work!
    Would love posting ur beautiful work here, if u don’t mind. Thank you and I’m glad my blog is inspiring to you.
    Manu Reyes

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